Insurers & pension funds

The insurance sector is undergoing massive transformation as a result of high-impact regulatory developments (risk and solvency, IFRS 9 and IFRS17, the IDD, sustainability regulations, etc.), competitive dynamics that are forcing sector concentration, economic and financial conditions that are making management of certain lines harder and, last but not least, the need to get on the technological innovation train, including the application of machine learning in different areas and processes.

In all of those areas we bring value-added propositions supported by multi-disciplinary teams (actuaries, specialists in quantitative finance, markets and corporate finance and experts in digital solutions) with extensive experience in projects with entities of all kinds and even the sector watchdog. We provide sector and regulatory research and consultancy services in actuarial and financial risks, model development and validation, business and company valuation, M&A deals, bancassurance distribution agreements and the implementation of specific pricing and risk measurement tools and of simulators to support product marketing.


Case studies

  • Development and/or validation of internal models for leading sector players
  • Provision of assistance to the sector watchdog on methodology and the development of tools for evaluating and supervising entities under Solvency II
  • Implementation of valuation, risk, flow matching tools, among others
  • Provision of key information documents (KIDs) for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs)
  • Machine learning models applied to car insurance pricing
  • Performance of studies on retirement savings and pensions for the sector business association, UNESPA, and some of the leading sector players
  • Implementation of financial planning tools and simulators (during accumulation and decumulation).