Daniel Manzano Romero



BA and PhD in Business Studies from Madrid’s Universidad Autónoma (UAM). He graduated with the highest honours.
Professor of Statistics and Econometrics in the Business Studies and Economics Faculty of Extremadura University (1984-86).

Head of Studies and Statistics at the Naval Building Division of INI (Spain’s former state-owned industrial holding company) (1986-88). He has been working at Afi since 1988, having headed up a number of areas on both the research and financial consultancy sides of the business, including quantitative finance, risk management advisory for banks and insurers, strategic planning and restructuring and merger processes.

Daniel Manzano is a director of and regular lecturer for several post-graduate programmes offered by a number of institutions and universities. He has written a number of books, monographs and papers for specialist publications.
Founding and ongoing member of the OBCE, the European Central Bank Observatory.