Capital-raising and M&A advisory

Here at Afi we advise corporate clients on their search for equity and debt, on bringing in new investors and on mergers and acquisitions.

Afi’s services in these transactions encompasses two key areas:

  • Transaction structuring and material preparation
    • Transaction structuring: amounts, class of investment, use of proceeds, rights issue/cash-out, etc.
    • Design of the placement strategy.
    • Preparation of the company’s financial projections.
    • Company valuation, using generally accepted valuation practices.
    • Preparation of the required documentation: teaser, information memorandum, financial model, agreements, etc.


  • Placement | search for investors and financiers:
    • ‘Pilot fishing’ (pre-offering testing of the waters) of investors/financiers.
    • Selection of interested investors/financiers.
    • Presentation of the transaction and coordination of engagement with investors/financiers.
    • Assistance with price negotiation and sale conditions with investors or terms and conditions with financiers.
    • Coordination of due diligence and of the intervention of other advisors involved in the process.
    • Support with analysing and drafting the legal documentation: non-binding and binding offers, SPAs, financing arrangements, etc.