We offer a wide typology of financial advisory services that include financial modeling of credit institutions, non-financial companies and public administrations, asset and liability committees and investment committees. Ever since Afi was founded, we have provided financial advisory services consisting of the analysis of the global economy and issuance of investment, financing and hedging recommendations underpinned by forecasts for variables such as interest rates, exchange rates, commodity prices, share prices. We also provide advisory service for companies in restructuring and due diligence processes. In addition, we support public administrations in budget planning and in the design and management of public policies for public financial entities. We always apply the most innovative financial and statistical techniques and the rigor that characterizes our consulting services.

Our services

Advising corporate clients on how to optimise their financial structures
Modelling using the most advanced financial and statistical techniques
Specialized support to advise institutions, organizations and companies from the public sector
Benchmark provider of business decision support
Design and management of public policies through public financial entities
Advising multiple national and international investors in their corporate operations
Budget planning and support
Helping companies and lenders arrive at the best solutions in restructuring and refinancing processes