Fintech and payment instruments

Only a decade ago the low-value payments instruments business was next to invisible, seen as merely transactional and low impact (without significant economic and social externalities). Today it boasts a privileged position in the agendas of all vested agents. In a world that is increasingly complex and competitive it is essential to anticipate and understand global, regional and local trends, make firm strides towards digital transformation and pool forces and capabilities with third parties, notably including the fintech players, to achieve scale and guarantee the provision of the payment services needed in the twenty-first century.

The trend towards omnichannel payments looks unstoppable all over the world and while each market has its own traits and personality, as well as specific regulatory and institutional frameworks, they are all marching towards a paradigm in which the authorities, originally relegated to a surveillance role, are assuming increasing prominence due to three major global forces: inclusion, geopolitics and digitalisation.

We bring extensive experience and recent references researching trends related with the world of retail payments in numerous countries, accompanying and supporting regulatory strategies, identifying business opportunities and clarifying the role and agents in the low-value payments industry.