We have experts dedicated to conduct exhaustive analysis of regulatory developments in the financial sector issued by supranational institutions or the EU. Our experience includes the development and the implementation of prudential regulation requirements, especially in the areas of capital, liquidity and governance requirements, as well as recovery and resolution of entities. Likewise, we integrate, together with finReg360, Afin Compliance, a company specialized in providing solutions to the Compliance departments of financial institutions. In addition, given our experience in advising public administrations and regulatory bodies, we offer support services in the design of regulation and sector policies at a national, regional and local levels.

Analysis of regulatory developments issued by supranational institutions and the E.U.
Design of strategies and sector public policies

Born under the premise of providing services to the compliance departments of financial entities, AFI-finReg Compliance Solutions, S.L. (Afin Compliance) is a company made up of Analistas Financieros Internacionales (Afi) and finReg.

Afin Compliance is specialized in providing solutions to compliance departments in an environment in which regulatory and regulatory control has tightened for financial institutions. Its mission is to help compliance departments to create value and manage risk efficiently by building a compliance culture that is essential for the proper functioning of entities, also helping them to manage reputational risk avoiding cases of regulatory non-compliance or sanctions.

Afin Compliance’s main solutions include:

  • Outsourcing or support services for Regulatory Compliance and Risk Control departments

  • Design and construction of Regulatory Compliance and Risk Control departments

  • Elaboration and review of policies, procedures and internal manuals of financial entities

  • Design of compliance and risk control plans

  • Provision of resources to Regulatory Compliance and Risk Control staff