Public sector

At Afi we provide economic, budget and financial advice to the public sector through our dedicated public sector consultancy arm, CAP. The mission, drawing on nearly 20 years’ experience in the field, is to provide the authorities with the support needed to rationalise and modernise their policies and even their administrative footprints.

Our competitive advantage lies with the ability to combine Afi’s broad experience in financial consultancy work with teams of legal experts, economists and financial policy makers who bring solid specialisation in the public sector, including in the areas of budget management, public finances, national accounting (ESA-95), government and tax law, budget stability, etc.

Throughout its trajectory, which has coincided with the decentralisation thrust, CAP has provided subnational authorities technical assistance planning for the takeover of new competencies and, within their respective geographies, on the development of all manner of infrastructure, under different public and public-private financing regimes, framed by solid strategic insight into growth and competitive models at the national, regional, local and urban levels.

The versatility of our territorial approach, whether macro, meso or micro, has enabled us to collaborate on dozens of projects at all levels of governments in Spain, with strong intervention in specific aspects of the Spanish economy’s growth dynamics in recent years. The following chart illustrates the wide range of public sector institutions, organisations and entities we have collaborated with, all across the national map.

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