From the outset, Afi’s vision was that finance and technology would evolve hand in hand. Framed by that vision, Afi has a dedicated Digital Solutions area whose purpose is to provide our clients with tools and technology to facilitate the efficient performance of the tasks and processes related with their operations. In addition to boasting software life cycle process quality (ISO 33030) and IT security certifications (ISO 27001), we have a team of highly-experienced engineers with vast know-how in the development of specific solutions for the financial sector.

In recent years we have completed over 100 software and solution implementation projects, most of which involving proprietary tools, for a wide number of financial institutions. Our solutions cover a broad variety of areas, from regulatory (solvency, Basel, MiFID, IDD etc.) to sales matters (advisory and simulation tools), with others targeted specifically at the entities’ back and middle offices (reporting, performance and risk management and attribution (PMA), valuation, risks, management information systems, among many others).

Our ambition is to implement solutions that are perfectly tailored for our clients’ needs, leveraging an extremely deep stock of libraries and components, while allowing the end users to layer in their know-how and specific requirements. Many of our solutions feature a data analytics layer, which, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables the addition of predictive capabilities, results optimisation and automated sorting.

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