Institutional investors

We work with institutional investors, offering them advice and helping them manage their portfolios, sharing our insight into the global economy and financial markets. We advise on asset allocation and selection (specific securities, funds, ETFs, derivatives, etc.)
The clients that use this service include:

  • Private banks.
  • Corporations.
  • Insurance companies and mutual societies.
  • Foundations and associations.
  • Roboadvisors.

Client knowledge is the cornerstone of the investment recommendations we make. We analyse their risk profiles, investment time horizons, liquidity requirements and return expectations. We believe that the entire process should be framed by an investment policy and benchmarked against an index or other indicator that serves as a yardstick for guiding and assessing decisions and performance. Having taken those initial steps, we analyse portfolio characteristics in detail, paying special attention to the detection and quantification of risk factors. Lastly, the monitoring work is every bit as important as the investment planning work. Thanks to tools developed in-house, we can track portfolio performance constantly, quickly identifying potential deviations from the investment mandate given to us.