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Since the foundation of Afi, our client base has included a significant number of financial institutions, such as banks, savings banks and credit cooperatives, as well as a few financial credit establishments. The scope of services provided to financial institutions is as broad and complex as their own activity and, although initially centred on the financial sphere, the early focus of our business, over the years we have moved into strategy, risk and investment analysis, monitoring and measurement of business profitability, with occasional specific collaborations in other organisational or business areas.

In this respect, over the past two decades, Afi has collaborated with many entities in the development of strategic and business plans and has developed proprietary applications and methodologies for monitoring activity and budgeting in the banking business.

Afi's knowledge of the banking business and its close relations with institutions have enabled it to be involved in several integration processes during the restructuring of the financial system, especially among the savings banks, but also with credit cooperatives. This experience has also been valued by potential investors in Spanish institutions, with whom Afi has similarly collaborated in financial modelling, analysis and valuation of the entities in which they are interested.

Afi's clients now include virtually all the savings banks and listed banks, as well as the main credit cooperatives.
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