Economic impact reports

We help a wide variety of companies, associations and sector clusters to prepare strategic positioning, informational and sector/company promotion documents that serve as the basis for developing new lbusiness lines, triggering internal strategic thinking or sending a signal to the market, by leveraging our reports as a marketing tool.

The sectors for which we have drawn up competitive positioning reports notably include:

  • Banking and insurance.
  • Tourism.
  • Construction and infrastructure.
  • Energy.
  • Food.
  • Automotive and other manufacturing sectors.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Foreign trade and international expansion.

Our reports, whether kept private or distributed to the general public, contain tailored analysis underpinned by solid analytics and technical acumen. To that end, we combine research techniques, using secondary sources and quantitative and qualitative market studies, to identify trends and provide a market perspective, framed by documentation of best practices, case studies and benchmarking exercises.

Many of these analyses take the form of regular surveying of business people, the preparation of synthetic indicators designed to anticipate activity levels and growth in the sectors under study and sector impact and policy assessment studies.

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