The recent changes in management paradigms as a result of competitive pressure and the radical and unprecedented changes in macroeconomic and financial conditions have made asset, liability, financial risk and solvency management a cornerstone of the banks’ business models and financial stability.
Advice on markets and institutional investments for

  • Balance sheet management
  • Retail market strategies
  • Exposure to credit or market risk
  • Solvency and liquidity planning

lie at the heart of the business decision-making advisory services we provide financial institutions, to which end we participate regularly in their asset and liability, strategy and risk committee meetings.

The ability to bring together top-down insight (economic environment, markets and finance), knowledge of competitive, regulatory and banking, insurance and asset management dynamics, the independence of our opinions, critical insight for an entity’s initiatives and our extensive track record in the Spanish financial sector has made us a benchmark provider of business decision support and has been one of the hallmark services that has set Afi apart from the outset.

In terms of the insight we bring with respect to competitive dynamics in the banking and insurance services, shared through our regular participation in our clients’ committees, Afi boasts a team of professionals devoted to continuous coverage of the Spanish and international banking and insurance sectors with a focus on banking economics and competitive structures, the performance, trends in and challenges posed by the key financial and business metrics and how they affect the main ratios that characterise those sectors.

That competitive analysis is underpinned by continuous monitoring of both sectors, which translates into:

  • Banking reports.
  • Banking workshops.
  • Insurance reports.
  • Insurance workshops.
  • Dedicated seminars addressing matters of interest.

Exclusive services for the clients that subscribe to this competitive dynamics analysis service, channelled through Afi Research.

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