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History list

October 2, 2018

TransformA conference series

Logo Ciclo TransformA

This free conference series builds on the working breakfast we hosted to mark International Women’s Day and highlights the role of women in transforming the Spanish economy and society.

The working breakfast was held to present and share experiences and case studies of the role of women. Huffington Post Director, Montserrat Domínguez, moderated the discussion between four distinguished women:

  • Elena Alfaro, Head of Data en BBVA
  • Carmen Bieger, Director General at Atresmedia Foundation
  • Yolanda Román González, Deputy Director of Public Affairs at Gas Natural Fenosa
  • Marta Seco, founder of the Paraguas Group

The objective was to showcase transformation journeys and innovative experiences in the world of business and public institutions in which women have played a key role.

The event was a success in terms of both attendance and outcomes, and therefore we decided to organise the TransformA conference series to revisit some of the main takeaways from the debate and continue raising awareness of female talent through speeches by some of the leading female entrepreneurs, executives and rising stars in this country.

With this in mind, on 18 March we hosted the conference

"Women who transform: leadership and team management”

And had the pleasure of being joined by

  • Patricia Benito, Chief Digital Officer at OpenBank
  • Mónica Torres, Director of Employee Culture, Commitment and Experience – HQ Human Resources at Banco Santander

Both speakers offered valuable pointers for personal and professional progression and to manage teams, reminding the audience that people need to be given opportunities to grow and develop professionally, as well as responsibility and flexibility; and employees need to feel they are valued above all else.

One of the central themes of the symposium was digital disruption and how to adapt to change. The following were highlighted as keys to success:

  • Working as a team.
  • Creating diverse teams and encourage debate and personal initiative.
  • Being able to unlearn and then learn and reinvent oneself, as the building blocks of the process of change, especially digital transformation.

Essential personal qualities include:

  • Humility, perseverance and courage; flexibility and resilience; being prepared to get something wrong and then pick yourself back up and stepping outside your comfort zone.
  • A desire to know or learn and the ability to face challenges that are not set in stone because the future is unwritten: many things will be automated, but not human inquisitiveness.

In June, the working breakfast hosted by Afi Escuela de Finanzas, in partnership with the Afi Foundation, further established itself as a meeting point for female lobbyists, business owners and executives.

On this occasion, Montserrat Domínguez joined us to discuss the greatest challenges faced by women in small and medium-sized enterprises and the keys to overcoming them in the Spanish business world. She also hosted a debate between:
  • María Helena Antolin, Deputy Chairperson of the Antolin Group;
  • María del Mar García Baquero Vela, Chairperson of Lácteas García-Baquero;
  • Ana Muga, Director and Marketing and HR Manager at Bodegas Muga.

Talent, effort and good fortune. Cards to play to be successful in a complex game.
The keys: identify what is strategically important to focus efforts in those areas and achieve efficiency gains and greater effectiveness; delegate responsibilities to others, which also offers those around one to the chance to grow.

Clear goals and determination: knowing what one wants is a crucial characteristic of all leaders ,especially for women who tend to come up against a system that does not help them. One also needs to know how to be sufficiently flexible to be able to grab the opportunities that arise.

After the summer break we organised a seminar titled "Women who transform: the technology sector sector", which was chaired Emilio Ontiveros, President of Afi, and also featured:

  • Cristina Aranda, Director of Marketing at Intelygenz and founder of Women in Tech & Allies; and.
  • Carmen García, Director of Cognitive Solutions for Banking and Insurance at IBM.

The two speakers shared their professional experience and their view of tech firms in terms of innovation levels and gender equality.

Both agreed that the world of technology is, largely, a man´s world and that girls´ attention needs to be grabbed at a young age by creating role models compelling enough to draw them to the associated areas of study.

They also stressed the importance of committing to R&D in order to overcome the crises any enterprise may encounter and of attracting inclusive and diverse talent.

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