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Multilateral organisations

Since 2003, as part of its internationalisation strategy, Afi has been working with various international financial institutions and other multilateral agencies, such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Multilateral Investment Fund and the European Commission. Our relationship with such institutions has developed through the provision of consultancy and technical assistance services, especially in Latin America and North Africa, though we have experience in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Multilateral agencies, whether acting directly as our end customers or through beneficiaries, value Afi's technical rigour, innovation and versatility. Moreover, in each project our team demonstrates its great ability to work in diverse environments and in a variety of languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese). Lastly, Afi has numerous local partners that complement our capabilities when projects so require.

Our permanent contacts with multilateral agencies have allowed us to develop lines of work specific to emerging markets, which often have no equivalent in Spain. Thus, some of our most important projects of recent years fall under the headings of access to finance, microfinance and innovation for financial inclusion, whether working with the private sector or contributing to the development of inclusive regulation and public policies.

Afi is a founding member of the Red Española de Microfinanzas en el Exterior – REMEX, meeting space, sharing, collaboration and knowledge management in the field of microfinance in emerging and developing countries.
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