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Investment services companies, institutional investors and wealth management

Afi's experience in economic analysis, in tracking financial markets and in the formulation of investment recommendations allows it to include many Spanish investment services companies (or ESIs, a category that includes stock brokers) among its clients. Institutional investors and fund managers have also used Afi's advisory services. In addition, Afi advises several collective investment schemes, both investment funds and open-ended capital investment companies (SICAV).

Other financial investors, such as insurance companies, private equity funds (local and foreign), hedge funds, foundations, pension funds, mutual funds or non-financial companies, have also joined our extensive list of clients using our advisory services. Moreover, wealth management and personal and private banking networks use Afi's advisory service.

Finally, Afi's own ESI, Afinet Global EAFI, provides what the Spanish securities regulator (CNMV) calls "personalised financial advice" to wealthy families and individuals, a service that goes beyond financial advice to include concepts such as wealth and tax planning.
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