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Other Executive training
The Executive training offered by the Afi Escuela de Finanzas is based on the experience acquired by the analysts and consultants who make up Afi, which gives the programs an eminently practical character, based on the know-how of a team of professionals which participates actively in the evolution of the Spanish and international economic and financial system.

This training program has evolved, as financial sophistication has increased, in response to the increasingly complex and global needs of our customers. Thus, Afi's Executive Training includes a wide variety of open courses throughout the year, comprising standard subjects in economics and finance with the most up-to-date perspective and ad hoc courses that cover new developments and regulatory changes in financial matters.

In addition to the open programs, Afi Escuela de Finanzas Finance provides tailored training fully adapted to the specific training needs of each company. When a company contacts Afi, its training objectives are discussed and analysed and, specifically, those of the departments involved. Afi professionals, specialists in each field, prepare a framework program, to which they make the necessary adjustments to achieve the company's training objectives. To that end, after assessing the students' level in the subject, they take into account the end purpose of the course, as well as the training program and the suitability of the methodology, with the goal of ensuring that the program will be suitable in both the process and in the result.

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