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Investment projects, concessions and privatisations
Afi advises companies and other investors on the analysis, costing and modelling of their investment projects, whether the acquisition of companies, mergers, structuring of project finance, refinancing negotiations, or the application of other types of structures (asset purchases, brands… ). Afi's analysis allows investors to:
  • Determine the project's investment needs
  • Develop the business plan (cash flow projections)
  • Evaluate the project's borrowing capacity on the basis of its debt repayment capacity
  • Negotiate the financing terms with financial institutions
  • Assess the feasibility of the proposed project or transaction
  • Determine the risk of the project and the implied profitability for the shareholder
  • Make the case for investment decisions to the Board, other decision-making bodies and external agents
  • Calculate the concessional fee and analyse the feasibility of the concession
  • Estimate the authority's income from the sale of assets and public companies

In addition to the development of its own financial models, Afi also reviews or audits models developed by others, evaluating the model's consistency and its results, in order to give the client and financial institutions confidence in their investment decisions.
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