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Assessment of risks with the public sector
The experience accumulated by Afi, Consultores de las Administraciones públicas (CAP), collaborating on projects with the different public authorities, provides it with a broad range of expertise in analysing the specific financial and budgetary situation of any of them and of public finances as a whole, providing added value to companies and financial institutions on questions of risks and business opportunities.

With a team exclusively dedicated to the analysis and technical assistance of the public sector, Afi (CAP) has a privileged viewpoint on issues critical for those companies whose customers include public authorities. In this respect, Afi (CAP) provides advice to different sectors: business associations, national and international financial institutions, transport companies, electricity companies, pharmaceutical companies and suppliers of the public sector in general.

In addition to tailor-made consultancy, Afi (CAP) provides services already well-established in this field, such as:
  • Credit Scoring of Local Authorities (SCAL). A tool for evaluating credit risk and the local authorities' ability to pay, created by Afi in order to provide a support service to financial institutions and service companies.
  • Public Sector Analysis Service. Support in the form of analysis and monitoring of the Spanish public sector's financial situation through regular reports, complemented by a permanent advisory service and a website with all the relevant information on developments in the Spanish public authorities, nationally, regionally and locally.
  • Technical support in negotiations with the authorities. Afi provides technical support in negotiation processes and in the creation of new forms of collaboration between the public and private sectors, as well as advice on the process of dialogue and adaptation to legal changes in regulated sectors.
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