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Participation in management committees
Recent changes in the management paradigms derived from competitive pressures and the unpredictable nature of macroeconomic and financial conditions have made asset and liability management, risk management and solvency management into key components of the bank management model.
  • Advice on markets and institutional investments,
  • on balance sheet management,
  • on retail market strategies,
  • on exposure to credit risk and market risk,
  • on solvency and liquidity planning,

comprise the core content of the advisory services for making business decisions in banks, participating in regular meetings of our clients' asset and liability, strategy and risk committees, and even accompanying our clients on their road-shows in the search for investors in capital or debt placement. The ability to combine overarching expertise (on the economy, markets and finance), the independent nature of our judgments, constructive criticism of the institution's activities and our extensive experience in the sector have made us into a leading provider of advice for business decisions and, since Afi's inception, this has been one of the main products for which it is recognised, allowing us to create the concept of "primary consulting" for our unique professional services model.
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