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Competitive positioning and sectoral strategy
In a changing environment, the ability to adapt to new paradigms can make the difference between companies which succeed and those which suffer the consequences of poor positioning or none at all. Afi's professionals have helped a wide variety of companies, associations and sectoral clusters to prepare papers on strategic positioning and material to disseminate knowledge and awareness of the sector or company, which provide a basis for the development of new business lines, for launching internal discussions on strategy or for communicating with the market, using our reports as a marketing tool.

Our reports, whether private documents or distributed to the general public, contain tailor-made analyses with a solid analytical and technical basis. To this end, we combine research techniques using secondary sources and analysis of quantitative and qualitative market research, which allow the identification of trends and provide a perspective on the market through the compilation of best practices, development of case studies and benchmarking exercises.

Many of these analyses take the form of regular business surveys, the development of summary leading indicators of economic activity and the growth rates of the sectors under review, and sectoral impact and policy evaluation studies.

Among the sectors for which we have carried out positioning studies, we can highlight the following:
  • Banking and insurance
  • Tourism
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Food and agriculture
  • Motor vehicles and other manufacturing industries
  • Telecommunications
  • Foreign trade and internationalisation
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