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Strategic regional planning
Strategic advice
The need to monitor the growth patterns of the Spanish economy has led Afi to pay special attention to the economic analysis of the different Spanish regions in order to participate in the formulation of policies for the central, regional and local authorities.

The trend of increasing political decentralisation and the different economic structure of each region call for specialised monitoring, in which Afi has acquired extensive experience, publishing regular reports and strategic analyses of regional growth models. In this regard, we put forward regional and urban development plans, providing a medium-term perspective on the competitiveness of regions and cities through the analysis of a wide range of indicators (demographic, geographical, economic, institutional and on sustainability). These are complemented with the views of social and economic agents, with the ultimate goal of formulating viable strategic proposals which are both realistic and tailored to each region.

Internationally, we have often carried out these types of projects in collaboration with multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank or the European Commission, or else directly with the governments concerned.

Finally, we have also developed systems for the regular analysis of local economies through the creation of Local Observatories, systems for indicators of competitiveness and quality of municipal life. These allow them to be monitored over time, providing information about the local economic climate for entrepreneurs based in the area and for those considering establishing themselves there. They also serve as a basis for the development of promotional material.

Financial and budgetary advice
We also advise and support the public sector in the process of managing its assets and in the planning, implementation and monitoring of its budget. We provide a specialised consultancy service that enables authorities to improve their knowledge and planning of their economic and financial affairs, increase their effectiveness and efficiency in delivering public services to citizens and meet their budget targets.

To do this, Afi (CAP) has developed the following services, among others:
  • Planning and budget support. Medium-term programming and support for the rationalisation of public expenditure through plans and measures to enable public authorities to comply with fiscal stability, economic and financial plans, cost-saving plans, cost studies, design of measures to streamline administration, etc.
  • Administrative reorganisation. Analysis of the internal organisation of authorities and public bodies. Proposals for new administrative structures that are appropriate to the objectives and policies of authorities and their responsibilities.
  • Restructuring of the dependent public sector. In a scenario of efficiency in expenditure management, this must be oriented toward more productive activities, optimising the size of the dependent public sector and avoiding duplication. To this end, we offer support in the development, implementation and monitoring of restructuring plans.
  • Permanent legal and budgetary advice service for government authorities in the management of public finances. Daily responses to consultations and regular expressions of views, tailored to each client and based on the preparation of analyses, reports and technical notes on issues that arise in daily governance.
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