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Financial risk management
For 20 years, Afi has been providing its clients with a comprehensive advisory service on the management of the financial risks involved in investment and funding processes. Among other things, this service includes the following:
  • Detection of financial risks (interest rate, exchange rate, price changes in shares, stock market indices, etc.) for the different assets and liabilities.
  • Quantification of financial risks: impact in monetary terms of potential scenarios for the financial variables. Analysis of correlations, diversification effects and natural hedges.
  • Diagnosis of hedging requirements: recommendations for action.
  • Selection of the optimal hedging instrument and dealing with financial institutions and auditors.

This service is designed, therefore, to provide a comprehensive solution to the management of the financial risks inherent in any process of investment/funding, and ranges from its origin (expectations for economic and financial variables) to negotiating the terms of the hedging instrument with the financial institution. In this regard, Afi has accumulated a great deal of experience in advising on the application of hedge accounting norms to derivatives, for the purpose of adjusting the impact of hedging derivatives on the P&L and capital accounts. The services provided by Afi in this area include:
  • Documentation of accounting hedges : hedging policy manuals and development of individual hedging factsheets.
  • Preparation of effectiveness tests.
  • Calculation of fair value of risks hedged and of hedging derivatives.
  • Preparation of information for the Annual Accounts.
  • General advice in relation to hedge accounting.

Clients of this service are mainly Spanish non-financial firms, most of them listed on the stock exchange.
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