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Economic and financial analysis
For more than two decades, Afi has provided continuous in-depth monitoring of the global economy and financial markets, which includes components such as:
  • Complete diagnosis of the global economy. The main keys to recent developments and the outlook. Analysis by country and by region.
  • Study of GDP growth by components, and forecasts.
  • Forecasts for key economic variables: inflation, fiscal deficits, current account position, employment, corporate profits, etc.
  • Analysis of trends in the main financial variables: interest rates, exchange rates, stock markets, commodities, etc. Forecasts for these trends over different time horizons: central scenarios and risk scenarios.

Our analyses and forecasts are presented in reports that we produce with different frequencies: daily, weekly, or monthly or when a particular indicator, an event or a decision by an economic authority requires in-depth analysis. The reports are sent to our clients (more than fifty) via e-mail, but are also available at our internet site. Moreover, Afi's analysts are always available to our clients to resolve their doubts, discuss views and opinions, etc. These contacts may be ad hoc or on a more structured basis through meetings, which may be in person or by conference call or video conference.

In addition to this standard service, Afi offers a customised analysis service, undertaking specific studies tailored to our clients' requirements. The service includes not only the analysis of certain economic or financial variables for a country or group of countries, but also a study of the impact that future trends could have on the client's interests. Four of the most obvious examples are:
  • Analysis of the impact of economic scenarios on key variables (solvency, profits, free cash flow, etc. ).
  • Analysis for internationalisation strategies and the identification of risks in geographic markets in which the client is present, or plans to expand.
  • Support in defining the basic assumptions and scenarios for budgeting.
  • Assistance in the preparation of road shows.
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