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History list

March 5, 2019

TransformA conference series

Logo Ciclo TransformA

Aware of the part women play in our society and the challenges they face, and in order to share experiences and success stories and put female talent in the spotlight, we are continuing our “TransformA” series. Following last year’s success, we remain committed to showcasing the transformational role of women in the Spanish economy and society.

Our first event of 2019 was a breakfast looking at the financial sector and moderated by Montserrat Domínguez, Deputy Director of the newspaper El País accompanied by:

  • Lara de Mesa, Head of Responsible Banking – Strategy and Chairman’s Office Corporate Area, Banco Santander
  • Lupina Iturriaga, founder and CEO of Fintonic.
During the working breakfast, both speakers touched on the need for the banking sector to adapt to a changing world, partly shaped by the influx of FinTech companies and the greater decision-making capacity of customers when choosing which bank to join. They predicted that this transformation would occur over the next 10 years.
Montserrat Domínguez, Lupina Iturriaga and Lara de Mesa.
Montserrat Domínguez, Lupina Iturriaga and Lara de Mesa.

The second event of 2019 took place on 5 March, the date of the first anniversary of the #MujeresQueTransforman [WomenWhoTransform] initiative. It was focused on the world of entrepreneurship. The brunch, which gathered over 100 people and was moderated by Mónica Guardado, featured the following speaker line-up:

  • Emilia Zaballos, managing partner of Zaballos & Laborda Abogados and founding president of the Zaballos Foundation.
  • Cristina Oria, founder and manager of Cristina Oria Restaurante & Tienda Gourmet.
  • Virginie Rogé, founder and CEO of Dietox.

During the event, the three speakers talked about how their companies got started, their objectives as female entrepreneurs and their thoughts about the role of women in the job market and the private arena. They all stressed the fact that women need to shake off their allegedly greater insecurity compared to men when it comes to starting a business.

These events will follow the same format as last year and will also involve C-level speakers such as:
  • Elena Alfaro, Head of Data, BBVA.
  • Carmen Bieger, General Manager, Atresmedia Foundation.
  • Yolanda Román González, Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Gas Natural Fenosa.
  • Marta Seco, founder of the Paraguas Group.
  • Patricia Benito, Chief Digital Officer, OpenBank.
  • Mónica Torres, Director of Culture, Commitment and Employee Experience – HR HQ, Banco Santander.
  • María Helena Antolin, Deputy Chairperson, the Antolin Group.
  • María del Mar García Baquero Vela, Chairperson, Lácteas García-Baquero.
  • Ana Muga, Director and Marketing and HR Manager, Bodegas Muga.
  • Cristina Aranda, Marketing Director from Intelygenz and founder of Mujeres Tech & Aliados.
  • Carmen García, Director of Cognitive Solutions – Banking and Insurance, IBM.
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