Viability plans

Afi draws up viability plans for corporates, financial institutions and public bodies for a number of purposes, including:

– Providing support for corporate transactions.
– Determining a project’s investment requirement.
– Structuring company-project financing.
– Providing the basis for organisational restructuring or refinancing work.
– Evaluating the synergies generated by mergers.
– Analysing returns on investment and associated risks.


Afi also audits the financial models drawn up by third parties to ensure their soundness and the reasonableness of the underlying assumptions and outcomes. Those audits help investors and financiers during their due diligence work and are also used for the purpose of running the recurring ratio calculations required by financiers.

In the public sector, that work focuses on the following areas:

– Administrative reorganisation. Analysis of the internal reorganisation of administrations and public bodies. Recommendation of new administrative structures aligned with the authorities’ objectives and policies and the powers devolved to them.

– Restructuring of public service providers. In a scenario of spending management efficiency and accountability, it is important to channel public expenditure to where it is most effective, rationalising the universe of public bodies and eliminating overlap. We lend support with the preparation, implementation and monitoring of restructuring plans.


In the ecosystem of credit entities, we develop the following lines of action with our customers:
– Develop reorganizing plans: (In situations that do not entail the activation of the recovery plans) that allows identify and maximize the management levers to absorb impacts on the balance sheets and income statement.
– Elaboration of impact an analysis arising from contingencies and emerging risks that allows us to reorient the strategy, business model and risk managements of entities.