Valuation of financial and non-financial corporates

At Afi we have a long track record valuing financial (banks and insurance companies) and non-financial corporates, listed and unlisted, and transactions, working in a range of sectors, in Spain and overseas, with different goals:


  • Market transaction valuations.
  • Fair value estimates for accounting purposes (impairment tests).
  • Independent expert reports for Companies Register purposes.
  • Fairness opinions (vis-a-vis the markets regulator, supervisors, boards, auditors, rating agencies, investors).
  • Expert opinions vis-a-vis multiple parties.
  • Valuation reports for claims purposes.
  • Merger reports for public bodies/entities for public sector reorganisation purposes.
  • Calculation of discount rates for international projects (country risk premium analysis).


In recent years we have directed and advised on most of the healthy banking business purchase and sale operations that have been developed in the Spanish market, coordinating all aspects related to the transaction on behalf of the seller, from the first dossier and contact with the potential buyers until the legal closing of the transaction, or advising the buyer on the economic-financial, regulatory and legal aspects of the transaction.

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