Territorial strategic planning

Strategic consultancy

The need to track Spanish economic growth patterns has prompted Afi to pay particular attention to the provision of economic analysis of the country’s various productive geographies to support policy-making at the central, regional and local government levels.

Growing political decentralisation coupled with heterogeneity in the economic structure from one region to another creates the need for expert and applied territorial research, an area in which Afi has extensive experience, publishing regular reports as well as strategic analyses of the various geographies’ growth models. We approach regional/urban development plans as an opportunity for reflecting on the medium-term competitiveness of Spain’s regions and cities by analysing an extensive battery of indicators (demographic, territorial, economic, institutional, sustainability-related) and getting direct feedback from social and economic agents with the ultimate goal of formulating viable and realistic strategic proposals tailored for each geography.

Internationally, we have carried out similar work, often together with multilateral organisations such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the European Commission, but also directly with the interested governments.

Lastly, we have developed systems for the ongoing analysis of local dynamics, specifically creating Local Watches, competitiveness and municipal living standard dashboards that facilitate the observation of trends over time and provide local business owners and those looking to set up in a specific area with insight into the local economic climate; they are also a source of valuable information for economic development promotion purposes.

Asset management and budget advisory

We also advise and support the public sector on the process of managing assets and planning, executing and overseeing budgets. We provide specialist consultancy services to help the authorities better understand and plan their finances, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the public services they provide their citizens and meet their budget targets.
More specifically, Afi offers the following services:

• Budget planning and support. Medium-term programming and support for public spending rationalisation processes in the form of plans and measures designed to permit public authorities comply with their budget stability remits: projections, cost-saving plans, cost analysis, design of administration rationalisation plans, etc.

• Administrative reorganisation. Analysis of the internal reorganisation of administrations and public bodies. Recommendation of new administrative structures aligned with the authorities’ objectives and policies and the powers devolved to them.

• Restructuring of public service providers. In a scenario of spending management efficiency and accountability, it is important to channel public expenditure to where it is most effective, rationalising the universe of public bodies and eliminating overlap. We lend support with the preparation, implementation and monitoring of restructuring plans.

• Ongoing legal and budget advisory service to government staff on public finance management. Daily enquiry resolution and periodic issuance of opinions, tailored to each client’s needs, in the form of analysis, reports and technical notes on matters arising in the course of everyday public administration.