María Romero Paniagua

Managing Partner


María Romero graduated in Economics from Alcalá de Henares University (with the highest honours) and has completed the Afi Escuela de Finanzas Masters in Banking and Finance. She has spent her entire career at Afi, where she has worked in several areas.

She began her career in the Banking and Insurance area in 2007, specialising initially in tracking the Spanish mortgage market; by 2009 she was in charge of Afi’s Spanish real estate research coverage. In 2011 she moved to the Macro & Markets Research area, taking over Spanish macroeconomic research. More recently, she has been working in the firm’s Applied Economics area, where her main responsibilities include management and coordination of a wide range of projects, notably including analysis of the labour market and pension system; analysis of the care economy and system; public policy assessment; analysis of regional economic trends and developments; and the conduct of Spanish households during the last financial crisis. In addition, María teaches for Afi Escuela de Finanzas, makes regular contributions to the media and publications specialised in economics.