Ignacio Astorqui Nebreda

Managing Partner


Ignacio Astorqui is a Business Studies graduate from Deusto University (2004-2009) and holds a Masters in Banking and Finance (Afi, Escuela de Finanzas Aplicadas (2014-2015). He is also a European Financial Advisor (EFA), as certified by the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA) (2018).

Since joining Afi in 2015, he has advised several banks’ private banking arms, financial advisory firms and brokerages on building their portfolios and selecting mutual funds. Ignacio specialises in private markets and advises pension and insurance funds on their investment strategies in the areas of private equity, direct lending, infrastructure and real estate.

Before joining Afi, he worked in corporate development at an engineering firm where he specialised in overseas markets (the Balkans, Southeast Asia and Saudi Arabia) and in the risk management area of the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) in Paris.

He also teaches, specifically helping students get ready for EFPA certifications.