Afi Wealth Manager is Afi’s reporting and portfolio management solution. Unlike other solutions, Afi Wealth Manager allows:

- The management of assets of any kind, including derivatives and insurance products (PPI, PPA, unit-linked, life-risk).
- Seamless and often combined integration with MiFID and IDD flows.
- Generation of the regulatory reports associated with discretionary portfolio management, advisory, non-advised sale and RTO processes, among others.
- Integration of financial management and planning into a single tool.
- Integration of our proprietary PMA/RA (performance and risk management and attribution) solution.
- Front-to-back connections with managers, depositories, brokers, routers, underwriters, etc.
- All of the steps necessary to comply with anti-money laundering (AML/CFT) regulations.
- Integration with onboarding processes, support for the generation of inbound strategies, development of ZMOT, teasers, etc.

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