Financial risk consultancy

For more than 20 years we have been providing our clients with an end-to-end financial risk management advisory service in respect of the risks assumed as a result of investment and financing processes. That service encompasses the following areas:

– Diagnosis of exposure to the various financial risks.
– Quantification of the impact on cash and accounting measures.
– Definition of hedging strategies.
– Negotiation with banks.
– Engagement with auditors.


The services we provide at Afi include:

– The development of risk maps for the purpose of assessing significant exposures.
– The design of in-house risk and risk function organisation management policies.
– Independent advice on the arrangement of hedges.
– Assessment of the accounting impact of the instruments arranged and preparation of the formal documentation needed under the various national and international accounting standards.
– Performance of hedge effectiveness tests.
– Determination of the fair value of risks hedged and hedging instruments.
– Preparation of information for financial statements.

Most of the users of this service are Spanish non-financial corporates, many of which are publicly traded.

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