Other financial and regulatory calculation solutions

In recent years, Afi has developed dozens of tools in the financial calculation and regulation arena, notable among which:
- Afi Funds and Plan. Investment fund and pension plan information, comparison and recommendation service.

- Afi PMAR. Performance management and risk attribution tool.

- Afi AML. Anti-money laundering solution.

- Afi Retirement Planner. Tool for calculating retirement liquidity generation solutions using savings products and other vehicles, including real estate investments, reverse mortgages and other products.

- Afi Risk and Afi VaR. Tools for the measurement of complex instruments and market risk.

- QALM. ALM tool that offers exceptional performance levels, running calculations that other solutions take hours to process in just minutes.

- Afi MIS. Complete P&L analytical information system for banks. This tool encompasses the banks’ retail operations, corporate banking business and their own treasury operations.

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- Afi SINAPsis. Retail banking network planning tool. Complete calculation of an entity’s P&L, budget allocation by management unit (branch, region, manager, segment, product, etc.) and top-down or bottom-up budget negotiations.

- Afi PFM. Our personal finance management (PFM) tool provides users with an end-to-end vision of their everyday banking activities, and, more importantly, alerts in the event of unusual amounts, collections and payments due but not received, overdrawn balances, etc.

- Risk Integrator. Solution for calculating the SCR/MCR under the umbrella of Solvency II.

- Afi Tax Planner. Securities trading tax calculation tool, including tax harvesting functionality.

- SAGE. System that assists local bodies with their debt management.

- Afi RE. Company ratings tool.

- Afi SCAL. Herramienta de credit scoring de administraciones locales. Incluye un credit scoring y rating permanentemente actualizado de la totalidad de ayuntamientos, diputaciones y cabildos españoles. Afi SCAL. Local government credit scoring tool. Includes permanently updated credit scores and ratings for all town councils and provincial and island authorities.

- Afi SGP. Investee management system.

- Afi STB. Bank pricing simulator. Calculates risk-adjusted prices for banks to quote for asset, liability and off-balance sheet transactions, including estimation of the P&L pro forma for the transaction.

- Content. More than 20 financial portals and Spanish credit institutions receive value-added information generated by our analysts on a daily basis through our content syndication service. That information, which includes equities research reports, commentaries, intraday market performance updates, forecasts, educational and analytical videos, has become a benchmark in the online brokerage and financial communities.