Modelling, using the most advanced financial and statistical techniques, has become essential to robustly predicting and anticipating, with high levels of confidence, the performance of portfolios of financial assets and properties, businesses, balance sheets and statements of profit or loss, capital and solvency ratios, credit ratios and the economic value of banks, insurers and investment service providers.

The combination of the know-how and experience (in economic research, applied economics, regulations, competition and managerial matters in banking, insurance, asset management and business management) used by Afi in its financial models enables it to bring together all the essential factors needed for models capable of explaining the reality and estimating and anticipating scenarios of change or stress, making our modelling capabilities a unique competitive advantage.

Constantly innovating, Afi combines the most advanced financial and statistical techniques with the most modern data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to develop unconventional models that are better at predicting than traditional models.

Our financial models are being used by credit institutions large and small, by insurance companies of differing sizes and with different areas of expertise and all manner of investment service providers in response to their management needs and regulatory and oversight compliance requirements.

Within those firms, we engage with the planning and control, capital and risk management and model risk control areas.