The website (hereinafter, the “Website”) uses technology known as “cookies” with the aim of making your browsing experience secure and enabling statistical analysis of visits to our Website. Below we provide our Website users (hereinafter, the “Users”) general information about cookies and the types of cookies that exist.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto Users’ computers, mobiles or other devices for the purpose of storing data that can be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for installing it.

The universe of our Users’ cookies help us improve the quality of our Website, track which pages are most useful and analyse which pages we could improve.

Cookies are essential to how the Internet works and enable countless advantages in the provision of interactive services by making our Website easier to browse and more user-friendly. Cookies in no way harm your hardware. To the contrary, cookie activation helps us to identify and resolve errors.

Types of cookies

There are many types of cookies. Below we provide Users with a description of some of the main kinds of cookies, which does not necessarily imply that this Website uses all of them:

Depending on the length of time for which they remain activated:

  • Session cookies: those designed to gather and store data for as long as the User is browsing the Website. These cookies cease to be active once the User leaves the Website.
  • Persistent cookies: these are a type of cookie in which the data continues to be stored and can be retrieved and processed during a defined period of time, which can range from a few minutes to several years, enabling certain parameters to be retrieved each time the User visits a given service.

Depending on the entity that manages the cookies:

  • First-party cookies: those created or managed by the Website owner.
  • Third-party cookies: those sent to the User’s device from a computer or domain that is not managed by the Website owner but rather by external parties that provide services to that owner.

Depending on their end use:

  • Technical cookies: those that enable the User to browse the Website and use the various options or services available on it, including those used to facilitate the management and operation of the Website and enable its functions and services. Examples of such uses include controlling Website traffic and data communication, enabling session identification and access to restricted areas of the Website, recalling the items comprising an order, etc.
  • Personalisation cookies: those that enable the recollection of information so that the User can access a service with certain characteristics that differentiate his or her experience from that of other Users. Examples of such uses include the default Website language or the physical configuration of a given service.
  • Analytical cookies: those than enable the tracking and analysis of User behaviour on the Website, including quantification of advertising hits. The information gathered using this type of cookie is used to measure website, application or platform activity levels with a view to making improvements on the basis of analysis of service User usage data.
  • Advertising cookies: those that permit the management of advertising space on a given website.
  • Targeting cookies: those that store information about the behaviour of Users obtained by means of ongoing observation of their browsing habits, paving the way for construction of a specific profile for the purpose of showing them targeted advertising.

Cookies used

This Website uses the following kinds of cookies, classified by who manages them, how long they are stored and how they are used:

  • Technical cookies designed to enable User session identification and store information about Website cookie consents provided. These cookies expire at the end of each session in the first instance and after 300 days in the second. The information is managed and processed by the Website owner.
  • Analytical cookies provided by Google Analytics1 that enable User quantification and distinction and the performance of Website usage measurements and statistical analysis. For more information, visit: These cookies expire after 1 minute, 24 hours or 2 years, depending on the type of cookie in question. The information obtained is handled by the Website owner and by Google, Inc. as service provider.

The information generated by these cookies is sent directly to and archived by Google, which means it may be processed on different servers around the world, including in countries whose legislation does not provide the same level of data protection as is provided in Europe. Google likewise uses this information on behalf of the owner to get insight into how the Website is used, compiling Website activity reports and providing services related with Website activity and Internet usage. However, the User’s IP address is first anonymised.

Please use the following links for Google Analytics’ privacy policies and the Google Analytics opt-put add-on.

[1] For more information, go to

Cookie configuration and removal

When accessing the Website for the first time, the User can agree to or refuse the use of cookies. Subsequently, Users can, at any time, exercise their right to block, delete and refuse the use of cookies by modifying his or her browser options. Note, however, that certain Website functions or services may not function correctly as a result.
You can configure your cookie consents in your browser settings as follows:

Cookie policy updates

Most of the cookies used gather anonymous information from which it is not possible to ascertain the User’s identify. However, the Website will be deemed to be processing personal data whenever the User is identified (e.g., browsing as a registered user) or when it uses unique identifiers that make it possible to distinguish between certain Users and others and to track them separately.
In that instance, the information gathered will be processed for the purposes indicated below in this Cookie Policy. That same information will also be processed by the companies that provide cookies with the purposes indicated in their respective privacy policies.
Elsewhere, Users should note that some of these providers may be located in the United States or other countries whose legislation does not afford a level of data protection equivalent to Europe’s; nevertheless, the User can consult how those suppliers process data using the various links to their respective privacy policies.
The legal basis for such processing is consent, which you may revoke at any time. To do so, please go to your browser settings, as indicated above.
Users may submit any requests to exercise these rights using the procedure set down in the Privacy Policy. However, if the data controller is not able to identify the User, it may deny the request under the scope of the contents of article 12.2 of the GDPR (unless the User agrees to provide additional information such that the data controller can indeed identify him or her).
If you believe your data protection rights have been breached, you may present a claim before Spain’s competent data protection authority, the AEPD (, or before Afi’s Data Protection Officer, at Users may submit any enquiries about cookie usage that are not addressed in this Cookie Policy by sending an email to Afi’s Data Protection Officer (