Business plans for financial institutions

We work with financial institutions, tapping our knowledge and methodologies to identify and generate solutions for enhancing their competitive positioning in their respective areas of intervention (markets, segments, products, etc.) with a view to boosting their differentiation and fostering sustainable development, taking an end-to-end approach to the business.


More specifically, our ability to draw on our economic and financial analysis, banking and insurance sector research and extensive experience, thanks to our strong positioning in the Spanish financial sector, has enabled us to develop a proprietary methodology for credit institutions, insurance companies and investment service providers.

Although we take a classic approach to the generation of strategic insight, we have inevitably had to adapt for a far more complex and ever-changing environment marked by a substantial increase in regulations, unprecedented changes in the economic and financial environment, digital transformation of the economy and society and the unstoppable shift towards sustainable development.


Our strategic advice has become highly valued in many strategic planning areas; it can be top-down, taking in the entire entity and its group, or focused on a specific area, such as retail, wholesale, investment, asset management or non-financial investee activities, or on cross-cutting strategic thrusts such as sustainability, digital transformation and social responsibility.