We believe firmly in exercising corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a means to having a positive impact on public wellbeing. That is why we set up the Afi Foundation in 1999, a non-profit entity whose mission is to facilitate financial culture and education, in Spain and in emerging and developing economies.
The Afi Foundation is the clearest manifestation of our conviction that financial inclusion, innovation and education are essential to fortifying a country’s economic development and contributing to alleviating poverty.

Our CSR effort includes activities carried out independently and others executed in coordination with other entities, organisations and institutions.

It pursues two key lines of initiative:

  • Financial culture education and awareness-raising, including the organisation of seminars, participation in public debates and the funding of scholarships at Afi Escuela de Finanzas.
  • Development cooperation projects in the financial inclusion arena. The latter extends to the provision of technical assistance with the development of innovative financial inclusion models that make use of mass technology.

Afi has pledged to devote 0.5% of its total consultancy hours to projects championed by the Afi Foundation, so that our experience and know-how gets channelled back into society.